Mother dog, puppies rescued from Texas storm drain

A group of Texas neighbors who had been trying to capture a stray dog for weeks rescued the canine — and her newborn puppies — from a storm drain.

North Houston neighbors Pam Ashley, Emily Daniels and Shireen Hyrapiet connected on the Next Door app to attempt to safely capture a pregnant stray in the Lindale Park area. They said the dog, which they dubbed Carnitas, had managed to evade them for weeks.

The women said they received a tip that Carnitas had given birth to per puppies in an Irvington storm drain, and local woman Sabrina Amador offered to enter it.

Amador said she had to scoot about 30 feet on her belly to get a catch pole around Carnitas and bring her out of the drain. Amador then went back into the drain and brought each of the puppies out.

The women said Carnitas was not especially friendly during the rescue, but allowed humans to approach and pet her while spending the weekend in Daniels’ garage.

The rescuers said they are seeking a rescue or a foster home to care for Carnitas and her puppies.