“Sky is the limit” when it comes to the wealth of information that can be obtained from an ultrasound screen in PFC (prolonged field care) and austere sick-call medicine. It’s like having the NVGs or other visual aids at night! I’m sure you can handle your business without them, but why on earth would you waste time if able to achieve your goals in a more efficient, accurate and safe way?  Smarter not harder, right? 

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We are always open to your ideas and ad hoc submissions. Our rules are pretty simple and our expectations are very down-to-earth!

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This blog is intended for the SOF (ninja) medical professionals of all breeds! Whether you are trying to learn a few tricks yourself, or you’d want to get your fellow Medics up to speed on ultrasound, we hope you’ll find it a valuable open-access resource. 

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If you have any questions, concerns or educational needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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  1. Hej, spotkalismy sie w Krk na konferencji w Dkws, szukam dobrych publikacji na temat Usg , moga byc po polsku lub ang, mam troche czasu teraz jak siedze w Ft. Bragg i vhce go spoytkowac.
    Dziekuje z góry za pomoc


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