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DOLI’m honored to be a part of the effort to bring Sonography to the SOF medical community.  SOFsono is a great project and a great forum to channelize sonographic knowledge while working to make it as contextually applicable as possible for medical providers in the austere setting.  Introducing a relatively old standard of hospital practice – ultrasound – to an age-old environment – the battlefield – makes for a brand new standard of field care. Certainly, not all SOF medics currently have access to ultrasound machines, however initiatives currently exist to proliferate this technology…  We owe it to ourselves to keep up with the new fielding of this technology, by providing sound, applicable practice guidelines along with the quantifiable data that supports it.  Because field Sonography is very much in its infancy, its usefulness is currently only limited to the SOF medic’s creativity.  This capability is out there, it will be more prolific, it does have application, and with only limited training, it will improve austere care.

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