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Let’s repeat after Michelle Landers, editor of the Journal of Special Operations Medicine:

“Special Operations Forces (SOF) medics are superb warriors and passionate healers. Instead of taking orders, they take complete ownership of every mission they must accomplish. And the best among the elite take it even a step further… They take initiative to inspire change against all odds and despite the most challenging obstacles. Men such as Maniek from GROM (Poland), a SOF operator-medic extraordinaire, never cease to amaze us with their bravery in combat and their dedication to the cause. That is why the Special Operations Medical Associations (SOMA) chose to recognize this man who is empowered by humility. Citing his courage against enemy combatants, heroic efforts to secure training opportunities for his fellow medics and unparalleled determination to strengthen SOF partnerships worldwide, SOMA has named Maniek as the International SOF Medic of the Year 2019.”

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Maniek contributes tactical scenario-ideas and ensures the right SOF angle of the SOFsono stories. 

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