doc Urbaniak

polska-walczacaThe scope of military operations is changing, and so does the role of a military medic. As we move away from the organized combat theaters into dispersed austere environments, we are heading far beyond the golden hour of trauma. Our responsibilities are about to grow exponentially, and we must be ready to provide life-sustaining care for hours or even days at a time. We are leaving our comfort zone of treating ballistic injuries per TCCC protocols, and we are expanding our practice to tackle a much broader spectrum of medical and surgical illness. Therefore we need new concepts and more versatile tools, such as point-of-care ultrasonography, which surely scores high at the versatility scale!

By the way, it must be a “Polish thing” to push for imaging technology in close support of the military operations… Over a 100 years ago, during World War I, Maria Słodowska-Curie (a Noble Prize winner from Poland), brought mobile x-ray units to support the battlefield hospitals. Now it is on us, the Polish Dudes [read: Polish SOF operators], to call for close ultrasound support!