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SOFmed slides Teaching SOF Unconventional education BWAs the Special Operations Forces (SOF) medical community is heading back to its roots in prolonged field care (PFC), we will be challenged to provide first-world care in resource-constrained environments. Given ultrasound is a very compact and quite versatile diagnostic and monitoring tool, we must empower the SOF Medics with the PFC-relevant sono skills. 

We recognize that preparing and teaching an entire SOLCUS/SOF ultrasound course from scratch is very demanding and awfully time-consuming for the instructor. Therefore in the following podcast we share a number of ideas on how to simplify the process:

SOFmed slides Teaching SOF Flipped classroom BW2We suggest:

  • Flipped classroom approach to core concepts;
  • Case-based (sim) and hands-on training in the  actual classroom setting; 
  • Maintaining familiarity rather than sustaining proficiency;
  • Introducing tele-ultrasound in support of education and medical decision making. 

Flipped classroom is a novel approach to education which has proven to be quite effective. In such a setting your students start with a preview of condensed course material online, and then show off what they’ve learned, while solving practical problems during the actual in-class encounter. Thanks to this strategy we can remedy the low supply of ultrasound educators in the military, as a sono-savvy and enthusiastic SOF Medic could be potentially mentored into a great peer-instructor. 

This brief lecture was given at the Joint Trauma System Combat Casualty Tele-Conference #500, on Feb 18th, 2016. Once again – many thanks to the JTS Team for their kind invitation!

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